Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Conditions:

The conference abstracts should be sent to the Organizing Committee by February 15th and it should not exceed 500 words (The title of the paper, keywords, and the author's name is not included here).

The speakers will have 15 minutes for their speech. The languages of the conference are Azerbaijani, English, and Russian.  

Participants will be provided with the programme of the conference.  

Participants must submit their articles (up to 10 pages) to the Organizing Committee within one month after the end of the conference. Papers will be published by the decision of the Organizing Committee in the News Social- Political Sciences Journal of the Faculty of Social Sciences of BSU and and in the journals of Faculty of Education of Charles University. The issue of the publishing of the selected papers in refereed journals will be considered.

After the Conference our volunteers will assist those who want to see the sightseeings of Baku (3-5 people in each group). A city tour will be organized on the closing day of the conference.

Rules for writing the articles submitted to the conference:

1.The title of the article - in capital letters, bold, font 11.
2. Author's full name, e-mail address – small letters, bold, font 11.
3. The name of the Scientific-Research Institution - ordinary font, cursor, font 11.
4. Text collection - A4 format, 2.7 cm from top, 2.0 cm from bottom, 2.0 cm to right, 2.5 cm from right, font 11, interval 1, Times New Roman, 10 pages including the literary list. An electronic version of the article template can be accessed on the conference site.
5. The summary should be given at the beginning of the text (not more than 70-80 words) and tables should be given inside the text.
6. Conference materials are accepted in English. The Organizing Committee may also accept papers written in Azerbaijani and Russian with the approval of the Organizing Committee.

Reports are accepted at the address below:

Address: Baku State University, AZ 1148, Z. Khalilov 23
Contact numbers: +99455 333 53 14 / +99450 333 53 14
E-mails: [email protected] / [email protected]